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Participate in a Dealership Training Role-Play Evaluation
If your microphone is enabled, you will be able to speak to the customer as the dealership sales representative.

This new AI exercise simulation generator is template driven and can be used for any subject, including leadership, counseling, general education and sales training with any product or service.

The templates provide the ability to define key criteria associated with the desired outcome, the goal of the dialog session, the success factors for evaluation and custom avatars.

Completed simulations provide a detailed evaluation of the learner’s performance, including the full transcript of each session and assignment of a grade.

The templates are fully editable. Developers can include images, animations, videos, links to reference documentation and other media to support the evaluation session.

The simulations can be delivered as an eLearning lesson, stand-alone as a performance support aid, and even in a virtual classroom with hundreds of learners receiving personal evaluations under instructor supervision.

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